Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship Mayor of Chełmno


We are sponsored by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal and the Mayor of City Chełmno.

I. Accomodation

  1. The "Fathers' Village" World Folklore Fest 2018 will be held on following dates:

    09.07 - 13.07 2020
    27.08 - 31.08 2020

    and we can organize performances for you on following dates:
    16.07 - 20.07 2020
    23.07 - 27.07 2020
    06.08 - 10.08 2020

    Participants will choose which period they prefer. The Festival will take place in Chelmno and Kuyavian-Pomeranian area in Poland.
  2. It is possible for you to stay longer in Poland. We can organize accomodation and touristic programme in Chelmno, in another part of Poland, in Belarus or Lithuania.
  3. The application can only be made by sending the Application Card to
  4. Every group will receive invitation for their participation after accepting the conditions. Also, each group has to send the prepayment fee 800 euro to Organizers. The prepayment fee will be included to your participation fee. You must answer till 31. 05. 2020. If you answered after this date, we cannot assure returning the prepayment fee if you did not come to the Fest.
  5. The Organizing Committee will take care of emergency cases during the festival, but the group is responsible for their own health insurance.
  6. The Festival Committee will provide groups with English/French/German/Spanish/Russian speaking guides during their stay in Poland.
  7. Some of the festival events will be covered by press, radio and TV programs.
  8. You grant the Organizers all rights to make photographies of your group including individual members of your group, and all rights to use these photographies in the Festival's materials. The Organizers guarantee that your rights shall not be violated or abused.

II. Costs

  1. The Organizing Committee provides full board and lodging. Everyone will also get a packed meal for their journey back home.
  2. For every 20 paid participants, 1 participant is free of charge.
  3. The guest group must provide for its own travel expenses to the Festival and back. The fuel for the local transportation throughout the festival program is given to the groups, but no more than 200 liters of fuel.
  4. All groups are responsible for their own health insurance and medical costs.
  5. We are sponsored by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal and the Mayor of the City of Chełmno.
  6. Detailed costs of excursions are specified in the Application Card. Excursions to Toruń and Chełmno (at Friday) are free.
  7. For detailed costs of accomodation, please visit

III. Your ensemble

  1. Your ensemble must be composed of max. 54 people, including drivers, etc.
  2. There is no age limit, and also we accept not only folklore ensembles, but also dance ensembles, choirs, orchestras, etc.
  3. Beside the performers, other persons can also travel with you at the same price.
  4. The group must bring souvenirs for exchange with the Organizing Committee, the Mayor and the other guest groups.
  5. During the Festival the group may sell souvenirs, CD-s, etc.
  6. The group must bring flag of their country.
  7. The group must have live music and/or CD and USB-stick with music.
  8. During the application process, you have to send us 3-5 photographies of your ensemble.
  9. You can plan the Festival's events on your own instead of following our schedule!

IV. Performances

  1. The Festival is not a competition.
  2. The group will perform 1 – 3 concerts during the Festival. The group must prepare programs from 25 to 55 minutes long and one promenade.
  3. Performances will be placed in open-air stages, as well as under the roof.