Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship Mayor of Chełmno

About us

We are sponsored by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie
Voivodeship Marshal and the Mayor of the City of Chełmno.

The Organizers of the Festival are two non-governmental organizations:

The Association of Folk Culture "Kundzia" and the Foundation "Jakub Kolas Center for Intercultural Dialogue".

We have been organizing international youth exchanges for many years (Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Greece …). We have and continue to organize international festivals, such as "The Summer of the Intercultural Dialogue" and "Window to the East" -

Participants particularly enjoy the beautiful Kashubian and Kuyavian scenery, along with the Gothic architecture in our country. You will live many enriching moments in the Fathers' Village and will make long-lasting friendships.

The head of the festival is Jaroslaw Wygnanski – President of the Foundation, a chemistry teacher at the Catholic High School in Chelmno (, a choreographer of the Folk Dance Group "Kundzia" (, and also the manager of the folkloric costumes manufacturing company PPHU Webfolk (

Other assistants include his wife Krystyna (a physics teacher), daughter Iga (PhD, a licensed guide of French, Spanish and Portuguese groups ), daughter Ewa (a student, a guide of English groups), son Szymon (a guide of English and Russian groups, also a computer scientist and web developer -, Andrew Skupniewicz (a teacher, conductor of three choirs, and an art historian), Ewa Porozynska (a dance instructor), Michał Pilch (a volunteer, and a Russian and English guide), and the other volunteers.