Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship Mayor of Chełmno

The Upside-Down House

Have you ever wondered, how it would be to enter a "reversed" house? See it for yourself! The marvellous trip to Szymbark, located in Kashubian area of Poland, will left you with many new amazing experiences!

Here are some attractions waiting for you to see:

Also, you will have a meal with our Kashubian folk band, a singing lesson of the Kashubian notes, the demonstration of the production of snuff, as well as the demonstration of playing on local and unique instruments like the burczybas and the devil’s violin.

Even more, trip to the 329-meters above the sea Wieżyca mountain!

Breakfast before departure to trip, lunch and dinner in Szymbark.

Excursions are extra paid.