Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship Mayor of Chełmno

World Folklore Fest

The "Fathers' Village" World Folklore Fest 2018
will be held on following dates:

05.07 - 09.07 2018
23.08 - 27.08 2018

or we can organize performances for you on following dates:
19.07 - 23.07 2018
26.07 - 30.07 2018
09.08 - 13.08 2018
30.08 - 03.09 2018

You can extend your staying at the Fest to 5 or more days - many ensembles do so! Just let us know!

You choose on which period you want to come to Poland. Please click here to open the Application Card.

We are sponsored by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Marshal and the Mayor of the City of Chełmno.

The "Fathers' Village" Fest  takes place in a beautiful and often visited region of Poland and is therefore ideal for artistic groups and the historically inclined.

The region is famous for its virgin forests, lakes, natural reserves, and wonderful monuments located on the European Route of the Brick Gothic.

fathers' Village

The Festival Committee, apart from organizing the event, also plans many attractions for participants.